Friday, September 22, 2006

That Fire!!! Soulja Slim!

What's up ya'll? Busy like always! I have not forgot about the bloggers. I got that new Soulja Slim with all new cuts and all new unreleased music. Check it out and tell me how u feel about the CD. Leave a message and show me some love!!! I do this for ya'll!!! Until next time, Always use your time wisely!!!

Da Nolia Soldier 3: The Best of Soulja Slim

That fire from Soulja Slim second No Limit Album, The Streets Made Me

The video name is Get Cha Mind Right!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got to listen to this cd while at work and it's pretty good. I finally got to hear some new shit from my boy (R.I.P.)


5:22 PM  

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